Thursday, May 14, 2015

Roll Up, Roll Up...

It's a blooming good line up this month, even if I do say so myself. Tickets.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Screen Guild Gigs...

So far, the dates for this fourth season of Screen Guild shows have been released one by one. This hasn't been because we were holding any information back, it's because there are only so many dates that work for me and it wasn't immediately clear that they worked for any one venue. (Which is why the first two have been in different places.)

But that's all been sorted out now, so we have the dates for the rest of the season. The final three shows will all be at the Hackney Picture House - the lovely venue that hosted all of the third season of shows.

So the dates for the remaining three shows are:
Saturday, May 16th,
Friday, June 12th
Friday, July 10th.
You can get tickets for any of them here.

For the unfamiliar, these are shows that I host while introducing four guest acts. The Screen Guild is my new material playground - the place where I get to experiment with new ideas and work up material. Without it, there wouldn't have been anything to tour these last few years and nothing to make Modern Life Is Goodish out of.

There's a page on my site devoted to the shows, so if you want a fuller explanation as to what it is, why it is and why it's where it is, this is the link to clink.

Incidentally, we're making series three of Modern Life Is Goodish right now - two episodes filmed, six to go - and that means there are also a few other live shows happening, always in the week before each recording... oh, and then the Straight To The Point* (*The Powerpoint) tour continues later this year - and early next. Details for everything live can be found on the Live Dates page.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Austerity & All That.

My parents were very keen on the idea of savings. If I or my brothers wanted some new toy or what-have-you, we were told to save up some money and buy it. Occasionally it would be, "if you can save half, we'll pay the rest". Whatever it was, we were raised on the idea that you can't have everything straight away. It's a message that's still kind of hard wired into me.

The Smallest Radiator In The World

But when, as an adult, I was able to buy a flat my parents didn't tell me that I was making a terrible mistake and that I shouldn't get into that much debt. They didn't tell me that I should save up all the money first and that only then should I be able to buy a property. A mortgage isn't the kind of debt I was raised to be scared of. It's the kind of debt I was raised to aspire to.

But it is a kind of debt.

I was thinking about this on my way in to work this morning. Because one of the things I keep hearing in this election campaign is about the various parties' plans to eliminate the deficit. And when I hear the phrase it sounds like common sense. Because debt is bad. Just like my parents taught me.

But then not all debt is bad. A mortgage - one you can afford, at least - is sensible debt. It makes more sense to live somewhere and pay for it while you're doing so, than it does to go without.

And it feels like Great Britain is doing quite a lot of going-without at the moment. And the excuse for all these austerity measures - all this cruelty - is that these cuts are necessary. These are tough decisions that nobody wants to make. It's time to tighten our belts. Etc etc.We must eliminate the deficit.

But isn't that, y'know, a load of bollocks? It seems to me that we really shouldn't be trying to eliminate the deficit. In fact, I'm pretty sure we ought to have a deficit. If we're paying for things that will exist for generations, the cost of those things should spread across the generations. Especially when the alternative is to go without. Great Britain ought to have a mortgage. And spending money on educating people and keeping them healthy seems like the best way of ensuring that future generations will be able to keep up the payments.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Oh The Dates, They Are A-Changing

I'm afraid the first thirteen shows of the next leg of the tour are going to have to be moved. I know how annoying some people will find it and I can only apologise and hope that you'll agree with me that it's for a very good reason.

I've only got myself to blame. I broke the first rule of showbiz which, as everyone knows, is to never have sex with your wife nine months before a bunch of tour dates. Sorry.

Or in other words. I'm going to be a Dad. Woo hoo! (Woo hoo always looks sarcastic. I don't mean it to be.)

Knowing exactly when a new human is going to announce themselves to the world is tricky. But there is no way on earth that I'm not being there. So the choice we were facing for the tour was to either
1)  carry on as planned and almost certainly have to cancel a show or two or more on the day or at very short notice.
2) make a decision now to move a few dates.

It seems to me that doing it at short notice would be far more chaotic. At that time, people would have booked trains and hotels and so on. Finding replacement dates that work would have been harder too. Rightly or wrongly this seemed like the less disruptive course of action as it gives everyone a sensible amount of notice.

The dates that are moving were for shows that fell between the 4th and 22nd of October. We were able to reschedule one of them to November but the rest are in January. I am of course very grateful to all the venues that have taken this so well and worked with us to find the best replacement dates they can.

The new tour dates for the tour extension, now look like this - the ones that have been moved are against a different background colour.
23 - JERSEY Opera House
25 - CHELTENHAM Everyman Theatre
28 - POOLE The Lighthouse
29 - SALISBURY City Hall
30 - WATFORD Colosseum
31 - READING Hexagon

1 - NEWCASTLE Theatre Royal
5 - WIMBORNE Tivoli Theatre
6 - DURHAM Gala Theatre
7 - MOTHERWELL Concert Hall
8 - LANCASTER Grand Theatre
11 - CRAWLEY Hawth Theatre
12 - SWINDON Wyvern Theatre
13 - YEOVIL Octagon Theatre
14- COVENTRY Warwick Arts Centre
15 - SALFORD The Lowry
18 - CHELMSFORD Civic Theatre
19 - NOTTINGHAM Playhouse
20 - NORTHAMPTON Royal & Derngate Theatre
22 - DUNFERMLINE Alhambra Theatre
26 - BIRMINGHAM Symphony Hall
27 - CAMARTHEN Lyric Theatre
28 - CARDIFF St David's Hall
29 - WOLVERHAMPTON  - Wulfrun Hall

18/19/20 - NORWICH The Playhouse
22 - HEREFORD - The Courtyard Theatre
23 - CORNWALL - Hall for Cornwall
24 - EXETER - Corn Exchange
26 - SHREWSBURY - Theatre Severn
27 - BROXBOURNE - Civic Theatre
28 - ALDERSHOT - Princes Theatre
29 - CHATHAM - Central Theatre
30 - CROYDON - Fairfield Halls
31 - HAYES - Beck Theatre

If you'd bought a ticket to one of the reorganised dates and still want to come along, the people to contact are whoever you bought your ticket from, whether that's the venue or an agency or... well no, that about covers it. Hopefully, they'll be in touch with you any way.

I really am sorry to be letting people down like this. But of course I'm also being absolutely head over heels about the reason behind it.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Russ Abbot vs Radio Gaga

I think I might have uncovered something even bigger than the Blurred Lines/Marvin Gaye thing...

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Goodish Tickets.

It's nose to the grindstone time on series 3 of Modern Life Is Goodish and it occurs to me that, when it comes to the recordings it would be really rather lovely if there was an audience there to watch the shows.

I told my mailing list about them yesterday (they always get first dibs) but if you're the kind of person who'd like to see the show being recorded - this is the link you need.

We record two shows each night... and as people who've been to see any of series 1 and 2 can hopefully confirm, we really do try to make them work as live shows on the night. It isn't a let's-record-a-load-of-stuff-and-then-try-and-make-it-work-in-the-edit sort of thing.

All the shows are recorded at The Tabernacle in Notting Hill and this series we're doing them all on Sundays - which hopefully means that fewer people will have that will-I-be-able-to-get-there-in-time-after-work panic.

The recordings are on May 3rd, May 31st, June 28th and July 26th. Doors at 5pm and we should be starting the recording at 6pm.

It'd be lovely to see you there!

Oh... and of course there are warm up shows, mixed bills and the continuation of the tour in the autumn... all of which are detailed on the Live Dates page.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Screen Guilds & Screen Builds...

Hello there. I had a lovely time in New York, ta for asking.

But I barely had time to get over my jet lag before I was back in the office for the start of Series 3 of Modern Life Is Goodish. It's the early part of production: all about corralling my thoughts and looking for connections between things.

The start of a process that will generate 8 hours of new material is also the point at which I have to put myself and my new ideas in front of some audiences - because it's only when it's in front of an audience that you really find out whether it connects or not.

And that means it's time for my monthly night - Dave Gorman's Screen Guild - to return. With regular one man and a mic stand-up, it's easy to try out new ideas because there are loads of clubs that can accommodate a guest popping in for a 5 or 10 minute spot. But my double act partner -  a 9 foot by 12 foot screen - doesn't really fit in most clubs. And even when it can fit, it doesn't, y'know,  fit ... because it has to take over the stage for the whole night and having a big screen getting in everyone else's way so that I can do 5 minutes with it in the middle of the night is just a bit weird and disruptive.

So instead, once a month I do 30 to 40 minutes of stuff in between some guests (that I know will be brilliant because I choose them) and that solves the riddle. As well as giving me a fierce deadline to keep me working on things.

We've done three seasons of it so far and it's been the most enormously helpful way of building material for the two tour shows and fourteen episodes of TV that have been created since I started them.

We've only been able to set up the first show of this fourth season as yet - but others will be following on a roughly monthly basis. The first one is going to be on March 14th at The Proud Archivist in Haggerstone.

As well as my monthly club night, as the recordings get closer, I always need to do dry runs of the shows that will eventually become the complete episodes. I do them in blocks of three and do rough run throughs of two shows each night because, well, because we record them two at a time too.

The dry runs are all set up for block 1:
APRIL 26, 2015
COLCHESTER ARTS CENTRE SCREEN BUILD: Two rough and ready one man shows. get tickets
APRIL 28, 2015
FAREHAM, ASHCROFT ARTS CENTRE SCREEN BUILD: Two rough and ready one man shows. get tickets
MAY 1, 2015
BARKING: THE BROADWAY SCREEN BUILD: Two rough and ready one man shows. get tickets

... and block 2:
MAY 24, 2015
TRING: THE COURT THEATRE SCREEN BUILD: Two rough and ready one man shows. get tickets
MAY 26, 2015
CAMBRIDGE, THE JUNCTION SCREEN BUILD: Two rough and ready one man shows. get tickets
MAY 29, 2015
ALDERSHOT: WEST END CENTRE SCREEN BUILD: Two rough and ready one man shows. get tickets

... and block 3:
JUNE 21, 2015
JUNE 23, 2015
JUNE 25 2015
NEWBURY: NEW GREENHAM ARTS SCREEN BUILD: Two rough and ready one man shows. Tickets go on sale March 11th

... and block 4:
JULY 19, 2015
JULY 21, 2015
JULY 24 2015
MAIDENHEAD: NORDEN FARM SCREEN BUILD: Two rough and ready one man shows. get tickets

They are, by necessity, within a certain distance of home - because the whole point of these shows is that in between, I do rewrites etc - and I can't remake a 700 slide powerpoint presentation while making a 5 hour journey to a venue.

But that's what touring is for. And the tour - Dave Gorman Gets Straight To The Point* (*The Powerpoint) -  has been extended with 39 more dates in the autumn.

Details for this - and all these warm ups - can be found on the Live Dates page of my site.